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Remnant Stream

6-14-05 - check the URL!  My address changed slightly to  If you're still at, there might be some problems, so try here instead.

6-13-05 - Lots of news this update.  Unfortunately, Light in the Darkness has been discontinued.  I have several reasons for taking this action, not the least of which are time constraints and the dissolution of the rm2k/3 community over the past year or so.
I am now working on a new project, which has temporarily been entitled 'Remnant Stream'.  This was started almost a year ago with the intention of being an rm2k3 game, but the game was never produced.  Since then, however, I have done a lot of work on the storyline, plot, characters, and events.  Currently I have no plans to make the story into an rpg, but under the proper circumstances, it could possibly happen. 
Remnant Stream is set in the same world as Light in the Darkness, 2000 years into the future.   While the characters (of course) are new, much of the LitD backstory is present in Remnant Stream, making it that much more unfortunate that I did not finish Light in the Darkness.  I have currently posted a bit of story and character info. for Remnant Stream, as well as a bit of artwork.  While the site is kind of sparse right now, expect it to become more full once I decide what story info I should post and what I should keep secret.  More artwork is coming and eventually I will decide what parts of the book can be posted as a sample.  Storyline info may be posted later on if I decide that it won't give too much away.


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