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Old news
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6-08-04 - LiTD has been updated again, and hopefully for the last time for Chapter 1.  This update includes primarily bug fixes and improved character graphics.  The game should now be very near error-free.  You can download it here.  Work on Chapter 2 is currently in progress, but it will be several months before I anticipate being finished with it.
4-23-04 Poll info - Given the current status of the poll (LiTD on rm2k3?), LiTD will stay on rm2k for now, and I will be working on the second chapter of the game.  The poll will stay up, though, and the potential will continue to exist for LiTD to switch over to rm2k3 in the future. 
Also - the final chapter 1 update has been completed and is currently being tested.  It will be released afterwards.
4-8-04  The site and screenshots have been updated.  The new screenshots are from the newest version of LiTD that will be released within the next couple weeks.  Additions to the new version are almost complete, but before release, I will have a tester go through the game to check for more bugs to ensure that this release will be as flawless as possible. 
3-23-04  The final revision (hopefully) for Light in the Darkness, chapter 1, will be completed within the next few weeks.  The way the polls are currently going, LiTD may switch to rm2k3, however this is not yet a final decision.  Regardless, in the next (hopefully final) LiTD chapter 1 revision for rm2k, expect to see new character sets (all have been redone), RPS opponent A.I., and more general bug fixes.
Working with B*Soft  on Cryptic Silence?  Check out my progress on the DBS (350-500KB - add the rtp.exe from another rm2k3 game) (will be udpated frequently, as progress is made).  3-22-04 - as far as I know, this team project no longer exists.... Edit Text
1-13-04  Light in the Darkness has just been updated!  You can get the new version here.  See 1-11-04 news for specific updates made.  Also, B*Soft members can check out my work on the Cryptic Silence DBS  (will be updated frequently, as changes are made).  Check out Epochalypse Games, a cool rm2k site.
1-11-04  There will soon be another update to Light in the Darkness, with several more bug fixes and a few feature improvements based on player reviews - including some graphical map and CMS enhancements, an automap addition to the CMS that shows both your current location and the locations of many important places, and a few other miscellaneous improvements.  This update will also include the introduction events for chapter 2.  Expect to see Light in the Darkness updated to demo version 1.3 within the next 1-2 days.
9-14-03 There was a missing charaset in version 1.2 up until this point (~1:00pm, EST).  The game has now been fixed.  If you downloaded the game earlier, you can download the missing set here and add it to the game's charaset folder.  Sorry for the inconvenience.
9-07-03  'Light in the Darkness' has now been updated to version 1.2.  Here's a list of the changes that have taken place:
- approx. 2MB filesize reduction for the game, from 9MB to 7MB
-custom menu sytem added
-a few misc. bugs fixed
-many maps have been updated with higher quality chipsets
-other small, miscellaneous stuff...
8-20-03  I'll be releasing yet another version of 'Light in the Darkness' within the next few weeks.  This new version will have a smaller file size (~7.0 MB) and a custom menu for aura allocation and journal viewing.  Also, many (around 75%) of the maps have been redone with better quality chipsets.
7-06-03  Version 1.1 of 'Light in the Darkness' is now available.  This version adds:
-bugs have been fixed (various)
-one chipset has been replaced
-a menu for RPS skill purchase has been added
-additional RPS players have been added
-'short intro' option added at beginning of game
-there might be other stuff, I don't remember... it now!
7-02-03 - A few bugs have been detected within ver. 1.0 of Light in the Darkness.
I am currently correcting these bugs as well as making a few other additions to the game.  I will release a new version hopefully within the next few days.  Thank you for your patience...
6-23-03 - After a slight dilemma, 'Light in the Darkness' demo 1.0 is now available
for download (again...)

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