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Remnant Stream

Old news
Remnant Stream

In the works...
The book - ~40-50 single spaced pages so far, many more specific events planned out and waiting to be written.
Character drawings/colorings - ~8 drawings still waiting to be colored + more drawings planned
Website Updates - If the site gets enough interest, I'll improve the story detail for Remnant Stream and possibly post some samples from the book.

Production History

This project was initially created as my first attempt at an rm2k3 game, however, due to time constraints, the apparent dissolution of the rm2k/3 community, and other factors, the game was never started.  The story did remain, though, and has grown considerably.   Currently, I am working on the story and have no plans to make this into a game.  If a new rpg maker is produced and the rm2k/3 community prospers again, it is possible that I'll this story will become a game.

Remnant Stream (title may change) is set in the same world as LitD but 2000 years later.



Nearly two millennia have passed since the eradication of the two warring nations known now only as the Mages and the Industrialists.  Most of the population of the continent was wiped out – and no one knows why.  Few who survived even knew what had happened.  As the scarred peoples rebuilt civilizations, the remnants of the old civilizations decayed and became locked away and most that dared enter them were killed.  But 50 years ago, something changed.  The ruins in the north suddenly opened, and flesh-eating mist surrounding the southern ruins dissipated.  Now, salvaging of the relics in the once-inaccessible ruins has accelerated, and more than just the ancient guardians of those ruins have been stirred into activity.


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