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Light in the Darkness - demo for rm2k

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6-13-05 - Due time constraints and the seeming shrinkage of the rm2k/3 community of late, LitD has been discontinued.
As long as bandwidth allows, it can still be donwloaded, here.

An individual with the gift of magic is existing against all odds in a region that is politically hostile towards mages.  However, overcoming these odds also had a price - that individual and his magical abilites became a tool for that nation, the Industrial nation.  When the nation of mages is suspected of attacking this industrial nation, the industrials turn to their only source of knowlegde in magical affairs to determine the perpetrator and motive behind the attacks.  But, through a twisted path of conspiracies, the Industrials' mage agent suspects the industrial government of using him as much more than just an investigator...
Day/Night and random weather
Logbook to keep track of story, objectives, notes, etc.
Character customization - tons of equipment, each with different advantages, and learn skills through point expenditure.
Advanced 'Rock, Paper, Scissors' minigame
CMS for skill learning and logbook access
A motivated stoyline!
3 difficulty settings
Creative dungeons involving puzzles, minigames, and covert operations with multiple solutions
Challenging gameplay (esp. on harder difficulty settings...)
Strategic battles, with many additions to the DBS including the 'weapon holster' system, allowing you to switch between 2 weapons during combat
Automap feature, which displays your current location as well as the locations of important places.

L:oseldos, Industrial Capital

Advanced Rock, Paper, Scissors minigame

Custom menu, skill learning

Jumping minigame

Loseldos Church


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